I'm Mark Mendoza.
A Digital Marketer
based in Calgary.

Marketing professional specializing in digital media production, analytics, and business strategy.
With a track record of successful projects mainly in the travel industry and freelance.  
Passionate about creating solutions that drive growth and meaningful results.
Let's maximize your organization's potential. 🤓


Marketing Campaigns

Some of my notable marketing campaigns that driven significant conversions and achieved success.

Asia Dive Expo 2021 Poster

Asia Dive Expo (ADEX)

I was one of the lead officers to conduct the event while having Philippine Tourism as the main sponsor.

IM First Class Philippine Tourism Advertisement, The Gold List 2021

IM First Class

As the product manager for Philippine Tourism in Malaysia, we have partnered with IM First Class magazine for an advertisement.

Travel + Leisure Philippine Tourism Advertisement Project results, 2021

Travel + Leisure

In partnership with Travel + Leisure Hong Kong, a social media campaign was accomplished with a robust content strategy.

Pearl of Joy Bakeshop Product Images

Pearl of Joy Bakeshop

Pearl of Joy Bakeshop is our family business that offers artisan ensaymada and other pastries. I was the social media manager while my parents operated the producing the pastries.  

Shimoon Jewellers Marketing Plan

Shimoon Jewellers

As part of our capstone project at Bow Valley College, we have been tasked to develop a marketing plan for Shimoon Jewellers that includes a social media strategy.

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Digital Media Projects

Here are some of my digital media productions that highlight my skills in content creation, and website building.

Philippine Independence Art Video


The startup requested a website design and some digital marketing outputs promoting Non-Profit Org support services.

See website

Nutribox Reel Ad

As part of my freelance work, I have provided the business with a reel video which was featured on various platforms and for advertisement purposes.  

Check the video
Bohol Photography Showcase Philippine Tourism


A platform concept to explore the artistry that defines Calgary’s quaint identity. The website features stories of Calgary’s art scene. (Under Development)

See concept

Business Analytics

Aside from marketing, I have worked with organizations that pertain to data analytics. Here are some of my client works.

Goldspring Consulting - Hotel Data Analysis

Goldspring Consulting Analytics Dashboard

The project is centered around leveraging the extensive database of Goldspring Consulting and devising strategies for increasing its market share.

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SeeYouDoc - Medical Consultation App - Customer Segmentation Analysis

SeeYouDoc App

My task was to delve into their extensive database using SQL and Python and unearth valuable patterns and insights that could be leveraged to enhance SeeYouDoc's services.

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Employee Turnover Data Tableau Visualization

HR Turnover Rate Data Visualization

In this data analytics project, I have examined various variables such as employee demographics, performance metrics, and other relevant factors.

See dashboard
Life Expectancy Analysis of Developed Counties

WHO Life Expectancy Data Visualization

The task involved working with data from the World Health Organization (WHO) and creating a dashboard visualization of life expectancy trends.

See dashboard

Philosophy & values

I think everyone wants the same thing - relationship with humanity, peace with the metaphysical, and experience with the universe. I try to grasp these things with my values: authenticity, creativity, & hospitality.

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With skills in over 4 different fields of design, I am the perfect person to hire when it comes to a full fledged project. Whatever your needs are, I can pretty much take on any challenge.

Marketing Analytics

Working with different clients has taught me a lot about how to get actionable insights and meaningful business value.

Visual Design

My knack for digital media has given me the prowess for design. Colors, typography, layout, and the whole package.

Programming &
Web Design

I started my programming journey in data science 3 years ago. The field is something that continuously improves my critical thinking skills.


Taking pictures brings out the creativity in me. Photography makes you notice and perceive things differently.


If you area a person who enjoys photography, then I highly recommend that you check out my Instagram. I’m an avid traveller and I capture the best moments that I would love to cherish with the world.

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If you are a person who enjoys photography, then I highly recommend that you check out my work.

Follow me on IG

Let’s talk business

Now that you know a lot about me, let me know if you are interested in working with me.

Reach me at


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